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Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires. Congress

The city of Buenos Aires, capital of the Republic of Argentina, is a friendly, pleasant, and cosmopolitan city, and is listed as one of the most inexpensive capitals on the planet. Its location is next to the La Plata River, its climate is pleasant, and you can visit year-round as the average temperature is 18ºC (65°F). Its population has reached almost 14 million. 
Buenos Aires was founded by Pedro de Mendoza in 1536, with the name Santa María del Buen Ayre, in honor of the virgin of the seafarers. It was destroyed in 1541, and reconstructed and reestablished in 1580, by Juan de Garay, who give it the name of Santísima Trinidad and Puerto de Nuestra Señora de los Buenos Ayres.
It is a city with many attractions, like neighborhoods known for their cuisine: Puerto Madero, La Recoleta, Palermo Viejo and Las Cañitas where hundreds of establishments exist.  The excellent quality of the Argentinean meat is known throughout the world, so one should not leave without trying the chorizo and the "asado criollo" (typical barbecue).
There are certain locations that you should not miss, such as la Calle Caminito (pedestrian museum since 1959) that is located in the Barrio de la Boca and is today an artistic and cultural center where artists perform and display their work, and where they sing and dance tango on every corner. We cannot forget the symbol of  Buenos Aires, the Obelisk, that was constructed in 1936, to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the city, measuring more than 67 meters (220 ft) in height and only 49 square meters (527 sq. ft.) at the base. The Recoleta Cemetery is another interesting place to visit, in which you can find the gravesites of important people, such as President Juan Peron's first lady, Eva Perón.
The city is characterized by its historical buildings such as the Colón Theatre, inaugurated in 1908 with opera and whose stage has seen many famous plays, and the Municipal Palace that borders the historic Plaza de Mayo. 
Those who enjoy walks and strolls will enjoy strolling in the Botanical Garden, with more than 5,000 types of plants from all over the world, and with one of the largest Japanese Gardens in the world, located inside the Parque Tres de Febrero (3rd of February Park). This park covers more than 80 hectares (198 acres) of forests and is one of the largest and most important green sectors of the city.
There are also many traditional artisan fairs, like the Mataderos fair located in front the Hacienda National Market, where you can watch acts of local folklore take place right in front of you. For the antique-lover, there is the Plaza Dorrego fair, in the San Telmo neighborhood, which occurs every Sunday, and some eight thousand people come and display all sorts of antiques in approx. 270 booths. 
Buenos Aires has more than 100 museums including: the National Historic Museum that has pre-Columbian, colonial, and antique military works exhibited, the National Museum of Decorative Art, and the Museum of Fine Arts, in addition to the National Showrooms (Salas) of Culture, and the Borges Cultural Center.
The city has an enormous number of hotels, ranging from 5-Star hotels, to hostels and apart-hotels (apartment-style accommodations). Similarly, the transport system is of a high quality as well. There are five different lines for the metro, a large fleet of taxis, and numerous bus lines that run both within the city and to destinations outside of the city. For destinations further away, like the nearby city of Quilmes, a good option would be to rent a vehicle or take a train. 

Federal District, on the eastern border of the Rio de la Plata Negro.
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All year. 
Culture, history, entertainment, shopping.
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Flights into the Ezeiza International Airport.
Walks, cultural tours, tasting, night excursions, shows, shopping. 
Accommodations, restaurants, transportation, entertainment.


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