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  Argentina : Destinations : Nahuel Huapi National Park

Nahuel Huapi National Park

Nahuel Huapi National Park

The Nahuel Huapi National Park, which in the mapuche language means "Island of the Tiger" is one of the oldest parks in Argentina, founded in 1934. Judge Francisco Pascasio Moreno first donated land on November 6, 1903, allowing it to become the first national park, formerly called "Del Sur" (from the South). The origin and formation of this park launched the creation of the Argentinean National Park System. 
The park is located to the southeast of the Province of Neuquén and to the northeast of the Province of Río Negro. It covers some 710,000 hectares (1,754,000 acres) of land, protecting a large section of the Andean region to the north of the Argentinean Patagonia. Here you can identify the individual aspects of the Patagonia that comprise its atmosphere, such as the zone of the High Andes; the habitat of the condor, located at 1,600 meters (5,250 ft) high; the humid forest, a region where there is abundant rain and warm temperatures; transitional forests, where you will find cypresses in the mountain range; and the steppes, a large area with an undulating landscape, strong winds and scarce amounts of rain during the summer. The park offers the opportunity to witness evidence of past cultures dating back some 10,000 years, with numerous historical milestones demonstrating the important archaeological value that it possesses. Additionally, you have the chance to visit unique places and go on excursions, trips, and take part in recreational activities all year long. The park has numerous paths where you can stroll, ride a bike, go horseback riding, and also has special areas to stay and places to camp out and go mountaineering. 


Located to the southeast of the Neuquén Province and to the northeast of the Río Negro Province.
When to go
Nahuel Huapi Lake, Otto mountain, Tronador mountain, Ski center of Catedral mountain, Port Blest, Victoria Island, Camino de los Siete Lagos (Seven Lakes Path), Port Frias.
How to get there
You can get there from Bariloche on National Route # 234 (from San Martín de Los Andes) and National Route # 231(or Los 7 Lagos). You can also arrive from San Martín de los Andes by Provincial Route # 63. By plane, arrive at the Bariloche airport. 
Excursions, camping, archaeological tours of interest, kayaking, canoeing, sailing, windsurfing, rafting. 
Accommodations, food, transport. 
San Carlos de Bariloche, Lanín National Park, Los Arrayanes National Park, Los Alerces, Puelo Lake, Perito Moreno Lake, Neuquén, Río Negro (Black River).
The annual precipitation decreases from west to east, from 4,000 mm (157 inches) in Puerto Blest, to 500 mm (20 inches) on the Coast of the Limay River. The prevailing winds blow from the west. 


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