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Valdes Peninsula

Valdes Peninsula

The Valdes Peninsula, located in the Province of Chubut, was discovered by Fernando de Magallanes in 1520, while he was traveling along the Patagonian coast, although it didn't become populated until the end of the 19th Century by some families of pioneers and Welsh immigrants. The peninsula is similar to an enormous island that penetrates into the Atlantic, and is only attached to the continent by the Ameghino Isthmus. Its climate is dry, with a hot summer and cold winter.
Surrounding the peninsula you can find numerous small towns and villages, with the city of Puerto Madryn being the main tourist attraction. The other ones that stand out are Trelew, Pirámides Port, located in the peninsula, and Punta Delgada.
The area is world renowned for right whale watching, a season that lasts from May to December. In addition, it's possible to see orcas, Commerson's dolphins (Cephalorhynchus Commersoni), dark dolphins, elephant seals and sea lions, penguins mainly in the penguin habitat of Punta Tombo, and many species of marine birds. 
The excursions leave from Piramides Port and travel along the coast before heading out into sea, not before passing La Loberia where a permanent colony of sea lions live. You can also visit the Punta Piramide Reserve, colony of one species of sea lion. 
The attraction to this region is not only in the sea, as there are a number of excursions that travel to La Pampa (the grasslands), where you can observe other wildlife such as guanacos, foxes, and hares. Excursions leave from Madryn Port and head for the Chubut River. 
Another alternative is rural tourism, with visits to legitimate Patagonian dwellings where you will be able to observe traditional activities such as sheep shearing, and enjoy a delicious roast. 
Madryn Port is the entranceway to the Peninsula, owing its name to the Baron of Madryn from Wales, and was founded in 1885. It is a city with an excellent tourist infrastructure, in which they still conserve many of the traditional customs from the Welsh colonization. In the city you can go on trips in catamarans, sailboats, barges, or kayaks, and also thanks to the winds, you can try windsurfing. Puerto Madryn is considered the scuba diving capital of Argentina and will allow you to go on dives suitable for amateurs or professionals. 
In the city of Trelew, the most populated in the region, you can visit one of the most important pale ontological museums in South America. 

Province of Chubut, on the Atlantic coast.
When to go
All year long.
How to get there
By plane to Trelew or to Puerto Madryn by bus. 
Whale watching from the water and from land, water sports, excursions, diving. 
Accommodations, restaurants, transportation. 
Puerto Madryn, Trelew, Chubut River.


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