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The city of Rosario' s boundaries are to the east with the Paraná River; to the north with Granadero Baigorria and Ibarlucea; to the west with Funes and Pérez; to the south with Soldini, Piñeiro, and Villa Gobernador Gálvez. The territory of Rosario covers an area of 17,869 hectares (44,155 acres), with a population of 954,606. 
After Buenos Aires and sharing second place with Córdoba, Rosario has become one of the most important urban centers in the country, demonstrated by its municipal, commercial, and port progress along with its economical development. Its history, therefore, tells us of its slow progression, as Rosario is one of the few cities in Argentina that was not founded formally. It originated and grew at the mouth of the Ludeña River in the Paraná. In 1725, Francisco Godoy and his people established the area under the name of Nuestra Señora del Rosario. Around this nucleus the city developed very gradually, and in1823 was only considered a village by legal terms. It finally received its title as an official city in 1852 by the provincial government. It was in this city that General Manuel Belgrano created the Argentine flag in 1812 by the shores of the Paraná river.

Rosario has now become a modern city that has practically buried its colonial past. Either way, we recommend a visit to the parks to appreciate their beauty, among them Belgrano Park and Bandera National Park. The parks border the monument which honors General Belgrano, patriotic symbol and city's founder. 

Rosario offers excellent hotels, restaurants, discotheques, and theaters. An important connection between this city and the city of Victoria (Entre Rios) is the viaduct constructed to unite the two.  

Santa Fé Province. Rosario city is located in the southern region of the province and about 320 km (200 mi) northwest of Buenos Aires. 
When to go
La Bandera National Monument, el Jardín de Los Niños (Garden of Children), Paseo "del Siglo", Balneario Municipal "La Florida", Embarcadero "Costa Alta", Parque de España (Park of Spain), Independence Park.
How to get there
The city of Rosario communicates perfectly with the entire country and bordering countries through highways and national, provincial, and regional routes. From Buenos Aires you can arrive to Rosario from National Route 9. You can also fly with one of the various airlines such as Aerolineas Argentinas, Austral, Alta, Lanta, to the Fisherton International Airport.
Hikes; sports, especially nautical and motor nautical and river fishing; cultural tours.
Accommodations, restaurants, transportation.
Private beaches on the Paraná islands, Alto Delta Islands, San Carlos Borromeo Convent, Hernandarias Sub fluvial Tunnel, and the city of Santa Fe. 
The region is an undulating plain with a temperate climate, temperatures averaging 23.4 ºC or 74ºF (maximum) and 11.6 ºC or 53ºF (minimum).


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