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Salta, the capital city of the province of Salta, is situated in the Valle de Lerma (Lerma Valley), at 1187 m (3893 ft) above sea level, at the foot of the mountains 20 de Febrero and San Bernardo. 

Located in such a fertile valley, the city preserves its typically colonial appearance with its age-old architecture from the 18th and 19th centuries. Salta "la linda" (the lovely) best combines colonial tendencies with modern ones. It preserves buildings from the colonial period like houses with wooden balconies, iron framework, richly engraved entranceways and pillars, interior patios with fountains and a grand variety of plants. 

The center of the city is the plaza 9 de Julio. Some of the most interesting and traditional buildings to visit in Salta are: la Casa de Hernández (Hernandez House), whose Museo de la Ciudad (the City Museum) is located on the lower level; la asa de Arias Rengel, headquarters of the Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes Arias Rengel (Arias Rengel Provincial Museum of Fine Arts); la Casa de Leguizamón (Leguizamón House); el Cabildo (Town Hall), where the Museo Histórico del Norte (Northern History Museum) operates; the Museo Presidente José Evaristo Uriburu, where the Museo de la Casa, Usos y Costumbres (Museum of Homes, Customs, and Practices) functions; and the Iglesia (Church) de San Francisco.  

Weaving, a widespread provincial art, reaches high artistic standards. The kinds of materials used are wool, horsehair, and vegetable fibers (chaguar). Palm leaves, simbol, and poleo (pennyroyal), typical of this region, are most commonly used for basket weaving. In the art of ceramics, the distinguished pottery of the almost extinct indigenous group, Chané, is used for ceremonies and everyday purposes.

This city is the base for touring some more interesting places in the northwestern region of Argentina. La Villa San Lorenzo is located 10 km (6.25 mi) from Salta and here one can appreciate beautiful views of the hills that make up the eastern rope of the Andes and of the hills and prairies of the Lerma Valley. To the south of Salta we find the gigantic     General Manuel Belgrano channel, that is made up of two man-made lakes that are known as the Reservoirs of Cabra Corral.  

1605 km (1003 mi) from Buenos Aires and 121 km (75 mi) from San Salvador of Jujuy.
When to go
Cerro San Bernardo, San Francisco Church, San Bernardo Convent, Cabildo (Town Hall), Museum of Anthropology and Natural Sciences, El Tribuno Pajarito Velarde and the Museo Histórico del Norte Provincial de Bellas Artes (North Province Historical Museum of Fine Arts).
How to get there
By plane. From Buenos Aires to El Aybal Airport about 9 km (5.5 mi) from Salta, and 1145 m (3755 ft) above sea level, on Aerolíneas Argentinas and Dinar.
By bus. From Buenos Aires to Salta, Rosario de la Frontera, Metán and San Ramón de la Nueva Orán.
By car: On ("Ruta Nacional" or National Route) RN 9, RN 16, RN 34, RN 40, RN 51, (Ruta Panamericana) RP 37 and RP 27
Adventure Tourism, Climb the snowy peaks, canoeing and windsurfing in the reservoir, trekking in the National Parks, fishing in streams, rivers, and reservoirs. Animal watching, scientific tourism. Mountain climbing and hunting.
Salta offers 3 four-star hotel establishments, 4 three-star hotels, and 6 two-star hotels.
Cabra Corral, Cachi, Molinos, Cafayate, Iruya and Santa Rosa de Tastil. El Rey National Park, Los Cardones National Park, Baritu National Park and Los Palmares Natural Reserves: Los Andes and Acambuco.


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