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Talampaya National Park

Talampaya National Park

Talampaya National Park, is located in the sierras of the central western region of the Rioja Province, with a surface area of more than 430,000 acres. The beauty of the landscape is notably integrated with the cultural and archaeological interest that the region provides, transforming itself into an ideal tourist attraction. This zone is over 220 million years old. One can appreciate the erosion processes that have taken place over time to form ravines surrounded by tall, thick walls, such as the Talampaya river. The wind and erosion have created oddly-formed columns that serve as condor nests. Preserved on these walls are pictograms and petroglylphs from the prehispanic natives. Between 120 and 1180 A.D., human settlements utilized caves and other sheltered areas as homes, storage, and tombs. Any visitor can appreciate this archaeological landscape in either of the two public locations: Talampaya Gate and Los Pizarrones. 

Within the natural landscape are vast sectors practically void of vegetation, designated badlands, where few plants stand out, like the purslane or pig-weed. Sandstone formations and unusually shaped rocks are abundant here as well. 
The vegetation consists of many bushes and shrubs. Some frequently observed animal life such as the gray fox, the black-legged Seriema bird (classification: chunga burmeisteri), and the calandria mora (Patagonian mockingbird), are common in these areas.  

In 1975, Talampaya Provincial Park was created. Its main objective was to conserve the important pale ontological and archaeological fields in the area. Due to the conservationist value and tourist potential, the opportunity to promote Talampaya to include it among the ranks of National Parks of Argentina in 1997.


La Rioja Province. It is located in the General Lavalle region 200 km (125 mi) from the capital Riojana.
When to go
Archaeological richness, Talampaya Canyon, Talampaya Gate and Los Pizarrones, The Lost City is of one the main tourist attractions.
How to get there
You can access the national park from Provincial Route 26 between Villa Unión and Los Baldecitos. This last locale within the limits of the La Rioja and San Juan provinces, crosses through the National Park.  
Excursions, camping, circuits of archaeological interest.
Accommodations, food, and transportation.
Ischigualasto, Villa Unión, Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley).
Dry and warm. Precipitation varies from 80 to 250 mm annually, while the average temperature fluctuates between 13ºC and 16ºC (55ºF and 60ºF). 


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