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General information

General Information

Argentina Basic Data

Argentina is situated in southeast South America. It shares its northern border with Bolivia and Paraguay; its eastern border with Brazil and Uruguay; the west and part of the south with Chile, and the south and most of the east with the Atlantic Ocean.
Argentina occupies a continental surface area of 2,791,810 square kilometers (4,466,896 sq. mi.) with an extension of 3,800 km (6,080 MI) from north to south and 1,425 km (2,280 MI) from east to west.

Its population is 37 million inhabitants, 11 of which are concentrated in Buenos Aires. The majority of the  Argentine population is of mostly European decent, mainly Italian and Spanish, with an indigenous minority that represents only 0.5% of the population.

Politically, Argentina is a federal republic, divided in 23 provinces and a federal district that correspond to the Federal Capital or the center of Buenos Aires. This system recognizes three governments; executive (overseen by the president of the republic), Legislative (Congress of the nation) and Judicial (supreme court justice).

The official language in Argentina is Spanish, which is spoken with a different accent than the majority of the Latin American countries. For example, the pronoun "tu" (you) is replaced with "vos". In some areas of Argentina they also speak guaraní and some other particular indigenous dialects. Although the general public does not speak English, the people who work in the hotel and tourism industry dominate the language.

While the majority of the population claims to be apostolic catholic (93%), the official religion of Argentina, there is total freedom of religion and worship.

The city of Buenos Aires

Argentina Buenos AiresBuenos Aires is situated on the east side of  Argentina next to Río de la Plata (river). It is the ninth highest populated city in the world and possesses 47 districts, each one with its own characteristics and history. The people of this city are known as porteños.
Buenos Aires is one of the most European cities in Latin America and many call it the Paris of South America, thanks to its French style buildings, large variety of  plazas, fountains and sculptures. Furthermore, Buenos Aires is a very cosmopolitan city due to the different groups of immigrants that have arrived to Argentina. The streets of Buenos Aires are full of life, with many places remaining open throughout the night as well as some music stores, bookstores and magazine kiosks. The cultural life in Buenos Aires is considered one of the most important in the southern cone of South America and several theaters feature world famous performances and shows and present artists from all over the globe.

Buenos Aires is a charming and entertaining city, despite the economic crisis that has affected the countenance of this capital. It is, without a doubt, one of the most attractive metropolis cities in Latin America.

Map of Buenos Aires

Spanish Language

Since Spanish is the official language, Argentina is the perfect country to learn how to speak. You can find Spanish language schools in Buenos Aires and other cities.
You can also learn Spanish on line. Visit (Learn Spanish)

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