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  • Meeting Schedules 

    Argentina Business InformationPeople are expected to be punctual for business meetings in general, nevertheless don't be surprised if the person you planned on meeting doesn't arrive on time. It's known to occur that the more important the person, the longer they will keep you waiting.
    In cases where the meeting is held at a restaurant or a place that includes a show or performance, like a theater, and there is an established time of commencement, you should be punctual. The same does not apply for social events, like parties, where you usually expect the person to arrive much later than the set time.  


    The Argentinean businessperson's wardrobe follows the European trends. Formal attire is preferable, meaning dark colored suits and neckties for men; white blouses with dark colored suits or skirts for women. 

    The Argentinean Businessperson

    Due to the fact that Argentina is a generally bureaucratic country, the Argentinean businessperson takes his or her time when finalizing business deals. Before signing a full contract, one still considers that any part of the contract is renegotiable. For Argentine people, personal relations are much more important than corporate relations, thus they tend to make friends at the time of establishing a deal or business. This leads to conversations about topics such as soccer and current events before entering into the deal or contract.  Business dinners are common and take place regularly in restaurants during the evening. Both men and women greet one another by shaking hands and slightly nodding the head, however, don't be surprised if you see men greet each other with a kiss on the cheek when they are friends or good acquaintances. Unlike other countries in Latin America, the Argentinean possesses a more natural and confident personality, and they tend to be more direct and informal, using the "vos" form instead of "Ud".  

    Argentina business information

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