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  • Postal services
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  • Postal Services

    Argentina Communications

    The main postal service company of Argentina is the Correo Central, however; there are other private postal services that function similarly and have various branches throughout the country. A couple of them are Oca and Servicor.

    A letter can take from 6 to 15 days to arrive to the United States from Buenos Aires and 10 to 15 days to get to England if you use the normal postal service. Sealing postcards in an envelope is recommended so that they arrive faster. One can also send mail using the express service which takes 3 to 5 days to arrive to any international destination. In order to receive mail letters must be sent to a post office box in the Correo Central of Buenos Aires.


    Argentina's international code is 54, while the area code in Buenos Aries is 11. All the telephone numbers in the city begin with 4 and the area codes for making long distance calls vary according to the region: 1, Buenos Aires and surroundings; 2, southern interior regions; 3, northern interior regions.

    When calling cellular phones in Buenos Aries you must dial 15. To make a call within the country dial 0 then the area code and for international calls dial 00 then the country code.

    All national and international calls can be made from public telephones, telecentros (telephone centers), locutorios (telephone offices) and hotels, although hotels usually charge 30% more for telephone calls. It is possible to find a public telephone on almost every street corner, the majority of them function with phone cards that you can purchase at kiosks and stores. Only some public phones accept coins.

    There is an abundance of telecentros and locutorios in the larger cities. The advantage to using them is that you pay only the amount of time you have spoken. You can see how much time you are spending on the phone and therefore you can control how much time you wish to talk and how much money you wish to spend. 

    Useful Telephone NumbersArgentina Communications


    Medical Emergencies


    Civil Defense 103
    Fire Department 100
    Police (Radio electric command) 101
    Argentine Federal Police 131

    General Information

    Information 110
    Official Time 113
    International Operator 000
    National Operator 19


    Fax service is available in telecentros and locutorios throughout Argentina.

    E-mail and Internet Access

    Internet services are becoming more common and cheaper in Argentina as in all other Latin American countries. It’s much easier to access internet in the larger cities, but it’s possible to find Cyber cafes or internet service even in the telecentros (call centers). Prices tend to be competitive so it is a good idea to quote prices in different places first. You can also count on some hotels to provide internet service and at times they provide the service free of charge. 

    Wherever you find internet service you can send e-mails and access your own account if you belong to an e-mail service such as Yahoo or Hotmail.

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