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  • In the City

    In general the cities in Argentina are very safe. In Buenos Aires, for example, it is possible to walk through the streets until late hours into the night without danger.  Unfortunately, the economic crisis has sunk the country and lately it has affected safety, making it common for beggars to ask tourists for money with a negative appearance and much insistence. In this case it is best to ignore them and leave that area.
    As a basic precaution, it is a good idea to try to go unnoticed, keep valuable objects out of sight. Try to walk with a companion at night, and avoid dark areas or places with little or no crowds. Watch for pickpockets and pay attention to valuables e.g. cameras and handbags, in general avoid risky situations.

    Lately, in-home theft with violence, abductions in taxis, and assaults on the streets have increased.  To avoid this type of risk pay attention to the vehicle you are getting into, try to memorize the license plate number, look directly at the driver and try to find well-established radio taxi companies.

    Smaller cities and towns in Argentina tend to be more quiet and peaceful; the people are attentive, willing, and friendly with tourists.


    The hotels in Argentina are generally safe, even in the cities and the towns of Argentina's interior regions the hotels don't have locks. In any case, it's important to take basic security measures in hotels, for example, leave documents or valuables in hotel safety deposit boxes or in a place that is well hidden.  If you plan on staying in a hostel or a more economic hotel in which you have to share a room with other people, pay closer attention to your belongings.

    Argentina securityWomen traveling alone

    Although Argentina is a safe country and women can feel fairly comfortable in a city like Buenos Aries, they are still vulnerable to risky situations. We recommend that woman traveling alone not wear jewelry on the street or carry valuables in plain sight, not dress provocatively, and be cautious at all times. If you remain on guard and take the basic security measures, you shouldn't have any problems in Argentina.

    Emergency Telephone numbers

    Medical Emergency 107

    Civil Defense

    Fire Department


    Police (Radio Electric Command) 101
    Argentine Federal Police 131

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