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Basic Services
  • Energy
  • System of measurement
  • Tipping and bargaining
  • Television and press

  • Energy

    The electric current in Argentina is 220 volts, 50 cycles. To use equipment designed for 110 volts, it is necessary to use a transformer.
    Flat-pronged plugs, North American and European, need adapters; since the plugs in Argentina are continental, with double or triple round prongs.

    System of Measurement

    Argentina utilizes the metric system of measurement; thus, distance is measured in meters, weight in grams, temperature in Celsius and volume in liters.

    Tipping and Bargaining

    A 10% or 15% tip is protocol in places like restaurants and bars. Regarding taxis, service personnel in hotels, ushers and doormen in cinemas and theaters, beauty salon staff, and others, you may tip as you see fit according to the services they provide.

    Bargaining in Argentina is not common, however, you can ask for a discount if paying in cash. 

    Television and Press

    The six national television channels are America TV (channel 2), ATC (channel 7), Argentina Televisora Color, Libertad (channel 9), Telefé (channel 11) and Artear (channel 13), in addition to a large number of local channels. The majority of the hotels provide cable TV.
    In regards to the national press the more renowned newspapers are, El Clarín, La Nación, Página 12, and the evening newspaper La Razón.

    Argentina Basic Services

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