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Calchaquies Valley

Calchaquies Valley

The Calchaquies Valley makes up 530 km (331 mi) of surface area, and is located in the Salta province. In the valley we can appreciate beautiful places such as the majestic Obispo(Bishop) Hill, the lovely Valle Encantado (Enchanted Valley), and the Erizados(spiny plants) of Cardonez National Park. 

The region belongs to the "prepuna" environment, an expansive semi-desert characterized by the presence of valleys and gorges that are sprinkled with thistle and cactus plants several feet high. One of the most interesting areas is near the population of Cachi, where Los Cardones National Park was recently created.  

Another element that distinguishes these valleys is the rich animal life that inhabits this region: chinchillas, red fox, cactus hummingbird, mountain parakeet, cuises (species of guinea pig), guanacos (llama guinacoe), trout, black-chested buzzard eagle, and condor. 

Red pepper is laid to dry in large expanses of land within this region. It is later grinded to make paprika. 

Also distinguishable in the Calchaquíes Valleys is the folkloric and historic richness that is manifested in  the numerous archaeological fields and ancient ruins from periods of splendor.   

You should not miss the place known as Cerrillos, famous for its carnivals; el Carril (the rail), situated amongst tobacco plantations; Chicoana, known for its indigenous architecture and for the nearby Ruins of Loma Chata; the Escolpe Gorge, with its unusual subtropical vegetation; and the spectacular Valle Encantado (Enchanted Valley), possessing a rare and beautiful combination of shapes and colors.


In the Salta Province, to the Northwest of Argentina
When to go
Open season year-round.
Located in the middle of the valley are towns like Cachi, Molinos and Coronel Moldes
How to get there
To the city of Salta:
By plane. From Buenos Aires to El Aybal Airport 9 km (5.6 mi) from Salta, and at 1145 m (3755 ft) above sea level, with Aerolíneas Argentinas and Dinar.
By Bus. From Buenos Aires to Salta, Rosario de la Frontera, Metán and San Ramón de la Nueva Orán.
By car: By (Ruta Nacional) RN 9, RN 16, RN 34, RN 40, RN 51, RP 37 and RP 27.
Trekking, wine tasting, navigation, nature observation, photography and horseback riding.
In the Calchaquies and Lerma Valleys there are ranches and farms where it is possible for the tourist to be in touch with nature, enjoy peaceful relaxation, and participate in various activities such as manufacturing sweets, cheeses, wines, and harvests of different products. 
Quebrada de la Flecha (Flecha Gorge), located between San Carlos and Angastaco. La Quebrada de las Conchas (Las Conchas Gorge) the vineyards or las Dunas de Cafayate (Cafayate Dunes), the German ghost town, and the Cabra Corral dam. El Valle Encantado and Cuesta del Obispo.



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